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Company Profile

Hailiang is the third largest provider of private K-12 educational services in China and the largest provider of private K-12 educational services in the Yangtze River Delta region (comprising of Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province and Shanghai), as measured by the total number of students enrolled in 2012, according to the CCID Report. According to the same report, in 2013, there were 33.1 million enrolled students in 145,817 private K-12 schools in China, with Hailiang national market share accounting for 0.051% based on the number of students enrolled. In 2012, there were approximately 10,728 private K-12 schools with 3.6 million enrolled students in the Yangtze River Delta region where Hailiang had a regional market share of 0.467% based on the numberof students enrolled. The Company currently operates three centrally managed schools through its PRC affiliated entities, namely Zhuji Hailiang Foreign Language School, Zhuji Private High School and Tianma Experimental School. These schools are all located in Zhuji city, Zhejiang province. In September 2015, Zhuji Hailiang Foreign Language School and selected programs from Tianma Experimental School and Zhuji Private High School relocated to the Hailiang Education Park, the Company’s new campus in Zhuji with an approximately 850,000 square meters campus and a gross floor area of approximately 550,000 square meters. Tianma Experimental School’s and Zhuji Private High School’s remaining programs continue to operate on their existing respective campuses.

Hailiang offers a basic educational program and international program at the kindergarten, primary school, middle school and high school levels. The Company’s basic educational program offers curricula with courses mandated by the PRC regulatory authorities, as well as those developed through the Company’s own research and development efforts. Hailiang’s international program also offers curricula mandated by the PRC regulatory authorities and in addition, provides curricula with a focus on preparing students to study abroad. With most of the students in the Company’s international program planning to study abroad after they graduate from Hailiang’s middle school and high school programs, Hailiang has designed a program to specifically address the needs of these students in terms of both language and academics. In addition, Hailiang provides programs such as A-levels courses for U.K. universities and SAT courses for U.S. universities to help students be admitted to undergraduate programs in the U.S. and the U.K. Hailiang has steadily grown its international program from 250 students in June 2012 to 1,913 students as of June 30, 2016. Many of the Company’s students have been accepted to top universities abroad.

With over 21 years of operation, Hailiang believes that it has become one of the most well-known and respected providers of private K-12 educational services in the Yangtze River Delta region. Both Hailiang high schools were recognized as “Key Schools” and all of Hailiang’s middle and primary schools were recognized as “Model Schools” by Zhejiang’s Department of Education in recognition of a number of factors, including the quality of education, course design, teacher qualifications and feedback from parents. In 2012, Hailiang Education Group was listed as one of the “Ten Best-Known Private Education Brands in China” by the China Private Educationalist Association and as one of the “Most Competitive Education Groups” by Education Channel.

As of June 30, 2016, 18,673 students were enrolled in Hailiang schools with a total of 1,528 teachers and educational staff employed. Hailiang is dedicated to hiring teachers and educational staff who hold the necessary academic credentials, are dedicated and active professionals in their field, and are committed to improving their students’ academic performance.